Our complete range of services gives us a unique position in the industry. We control all of the links in the processing chain necessary for us to be able to act as a total supplier. Select the services that make us your best collaboration partner.

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    By manufacturing our own tools for sheet metal forming, we have the perfect conditions to offer you processed sheet metal parts of the highest quality with competitive production economics. With the correct equipment and appropriate professional knowledge, this is by far a more economical option than e.g. laser cutting. The method allows for greater capacity, better repeatability, more accurate control and precision. Our mechanical equipment consists of automatic presses, eccentric presses, edging presses and hydraulic presses. We are equipped to find the right solution for highly sophisticated assignments.

    One of our self-constructed tools made for one of our clients unique requirements.


    When cutting is a better option, or constitutes a valuable complement in the production process, then we have the capacity and the professional knowledge required to achieve excellent results. We work in a non-tool-related way with laser cutting systems, multi-operation cutting machines and deburring machines. We also have the resources for advanced measurement with a level of accuracy of +/- 0.001 mm.

    No-tool-related manufacturing is a flexible and quick complement to our tool-related manufacuring.


    Many of our customers see great advantages in having the manufacturing of components and sheet metal parts performed by one single supplier with a high level of expertise in all parts of the production chain. Our experience and professional skills within welding and joining are a key factor here. We have an operator's certificate for robotic welding and manual MIG/MAG welding in accordance with EN 287. We also have our own capacity for projection welding and impulse welding, which, altogether, gives us all the conditions for being able to serve our customers in an optimal way.

    Thanks to having a complete welding and joining operation under the same roof as our metal processing our customers can avoid extra transportation and storage costs.


    När industrin strävar efter att minska antalet leverantörer, bygger vi vår konkurrenskraft på flera länkar i förädlingskedjan. Från råvara till komplett leverans, Just in Time. Funktioner som montering och lagerhållning med kundanpassad paketering, distribution och administration är avgörande för framgångsrika samarbeten. Inköp för kunds räkning och kopplingar direkt till uppdragsgivarens affärssystem ställer avancerade krav. Detta har vi byggt in i vår Supply chain. Vårt omfattande kvalitetsledningssystem, med ISO-certifieringar, analys- och felsökningsprogram säkerställer löpande produktion utan störningar hos våra kunder. 

    We not just process metal, we deliver a complete service package of purchasing, manufacturing and mounting.

Mechanical equipment for complete solutions

Thanks to our well-equipped production facility, we can offer an optimal combination of processing phases. The mechanical equipment that we use to give you a complete delivery with the right quality at the right time is based on your product and your quality requirements.  

Tool-related manufacturing

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Automatic presses

The very foundation of our production equipment, with a number of presses for sheet metal processing in medium-sized batches. The fact that the presses are complemented with well-dimensioned standard equipment makes us very flexible. We can perform our processing work with several tools in the same press and quickly make adjustments with smooth and efficient tool changes. Our investment means that deliveries of smaller batches are also of interest.

  • Press power from 25-250 tonnes
  • Table size from 400 x 560 mm to 1,250 x 2,250 mm
  • Maximum tool height
  • Capacity: feeding mechanism from 0.2 mm to 6 mm
  • Belt width from 6 mm to 1,000 mm
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Production tools

The production techniques at Andrénverken cover all of the links in the production chain. The design and manufacturing of our own tools for sheet metal forming is one of our strengths in our complete solution for our customers. Our knowledge about how tools should be built to ensure smooth production processes with long-term economics in mind is a good basis for our long-term customer relations.

  • Tools
  • Fixtures
  • Tool maintenance
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Eccentric presses

Here, we form sheet metal in small or medium-sized batches and can carry out several phases. An excellent complement to the production in the automatic presses. Designing and manufacturing tools ourselves results in the cost-effective quality assurance of the production in these presses. 

  • Press power from 25-250 tonnes
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Hydraulic presses

An important part of the mechanical equipment that further broadens our extensive production capacity. Advanced sheet metal forming with the deep drawing of parts requires this technique to ensure good results. We have competitive conditions, even for short batches, due to the fact we manufacture our own tools.

  • Press power from 250-500 tonnes
  • Table size from 1,000 x 1,000 mm to 1,300 x 2,190 mm
  • Tool weights up to 3,500 kg
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Edging presses

Another valuable complement in our production equipment. These presses are the optimal pieces of equipment for small batches, all the way down to sheet metal processing piece by piece. Here, we use general tools and bend heavy parts with bigger dimensions. 

  • Presskraft från 80-170 ton
  • Max. bocklängd 3000 mm

Non-tool-related manufacturing

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Laser cutting system

Tool-related manufacturing is often more preferable, but when the conditions are more suited to laser cutting, we also have the correct equipment and skills to carry out these phases with the best possible results. Small batches and large dimensions when it comes to sheet metal thickness are factors that can contribute to our choosing this production technique.

  • Max. size of sheet metal 3,000 x 1,500 mm
  • Black sheet, stainless steel or sheet metal coated with zinc
  • Sheet metal thickness black sheet 0.5-20 mm
  • Sheet metal thickness stainless steel 0.5-15 mm
  • Oxygen or nitrogen cutting
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Multi-operation cutting machines

We deliver complete, processed sheet metal parts. The units that, for example, require threaded holes added or need to be processed after welding are finished in our multi-operation machines. The result is completely finished products with extremely tight tolerances.

  • Motion X: 1,016 mm, Y: 508 mm, Z: 635 mm
  • Table size 1,200 x 600 mm
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We obtain the data for the documentation that accompanies our deliveries using advanced measurement techniques. We perform control measurements for every delivery. Measurement values and deviation reports provide us with valuable information for the construction of our own tools in face of the continued optimisation of requirements specifications. 

  • Max. size of object of measurement W 1,000 x D 600 x H 500 mm
  • Measurement accuracy: ±0.001 mm
  • 3D measurement
  • Measurement with regard to STEP file

Welding & joining

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Robotic welding

In our welding department, we have several techniques at our disposal, meaning that we can work flexibly with optimal production methods for a variety of phases and conditions. Robotic welding, with the higher repeatability it entails, has great advantages when it comes to large batches.

  • Max. length 1,600 mm
  • Max. weight 500 kg
  • Operator's certificate in accordance with EN 287
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Manual welding

When we handle large designs and when the batch sizes are small, manual welding is by far the best method. Our highly-skilled employees master the techniques that guarantee the results that meet the customers' demands and expectations.

  • MIG/MAG welding
  • Steel, stainless steel and aluminium
  • Operator's certificate in accordance with EN 287
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Projection welding

A manual technique where we assemble small components. An additional joining phase that has little impact on the parts' materials.

  • Table size from 100 x 80 cm to 150 x 150 cm
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Impulse welding

This technique for additional joining, e.g. of parts with varying thickness of material, has minimal thermal impact on the materials, which therefore keep their original material properties.

  • Table size 180 x 180 cm

Supply chain

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We take a lot of responsibility for ensuring the smooth operation of our customers' production processes. Our expertise in several phases of the production process facilitates the process. By assembling and delivering complete parts, we simplify the logistics and reduce lead times.

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We stock the materials and components that are necessary in order to be able to quickly meet our customers' needs. In this way, we can be more flexible and guarantee fast delivery times, Just in Time.

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FAT (factory acceptance testing)

By optimising our procedures for efficient acceptance testing we can guarantee the best possible quality prior to making our deliveries.

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Third-party purchasing

Thanks to our many years of experience in purchasing materials, we have built up a wealth of knowledge in the area and developed excellent relationships with our suppliers. It benefits our customers when we offer to take on an increased level of responsibility for the production chain through the strategic purchasing of materials, linked to our production.

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EDI links

We can offer efficient ordering and delivering procedures through EDI links to our customers' and suppliers' business systems.

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