We work with sheet metal processing, welding and assembly. Our customers have big demands when it comes to smooth production processes and high delivery reliability.

Andrénverken delivers processed sheet metal parts to world-leading industrial companies. Hence, our work must also be world-class. Our company culture and work philosophy are well suited to precisely these types of challenges. Our mechanical equipment is not unique. Our strength lies in the way we use the equipment, in our documented quality and in how we cooperate. Our customers require us to be able to take responsibility for several processing operations in the supply chain. And we do.

What distinguishes us at Andrénverken from the competition is our ability and willingness to take responsibility and our commitment, not something that just anybody can offer. This is the big difference that makes us unique among the companies working with sheet metal. That is why we are particularly well suited to being the supplier for those who demand that little bit more. We put a lot of resources into tool-related manufacturing, since it is often the most competitive option. By manufacturing our own tools, we are very independent and highly flexible in our work. We also have the capacity for non-tool-related manufacturing, welding and joining in-house and a supply chain that means that we can assume full responsibility as a total supplier.

We have everything we need in our production plant for handling different types of sheet metal processing. Our mechanical equipment consists of edging presses, hydraulic presses, automatic presses, multi-operation machines and robotic welding cells, as well as equipment for impulse welding, deburring, tumbling and laser cutting. This is the foundation of our commitment towards the world-leading industrial companies that choose to hire us as their supplier. We have the resources for a complete offering. You engage our services to the extent that yields the best results for you.

A strong link in the production chain

We work with all possible processes in the entire production chain. There are no weak links here, we have the correct competence from beginning to end. By having complete control of the production process, we guarantee short lead times and ensure delivery reliability. Having the ability to manufacture our own tools gives us the right conditions for flexible adjustment. This is how we build long-term confidence in our offering among our customers.


Active partner

With our way of working, we are more than just a supplier. We become a part of your production chain that always delivers the highest quality. Our ongoing cooperation makes us an important partner in your company's development work. Our methods for ensuring quality and documented control in our deliveries are clear and well-proven. We work with well-known procedures, developed within the automotive industry.

Analysis and documentation

All the documentation that comes with a new item in our production is analysed and specified using PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) and MSA (Measurement Systems Analysis). A control measurement is performed for every delivery. Measurement values and deviation reports provide us with very valuable information that we can use in the construction of our own tools and in dialogue with our clients. We always pursue how we can optimise the requirements specifications together.


With FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis), we identify the possible errors that may arise during the production process. This method gives us the opportunity to take preventative measures that counteract any problems and minimise the risk of errors in production. The analysis work is run by a team represented by employees from different functions within our company.

Our history gives us away

The company culture at Andrénverken is in our genes. The philosophy as to how the company should be run has been handed down through generations. When our founder set up Andrén Johansson's mechanical workshop, here in Smålandsstenar in 1923, he manufactured pokers for cooking ranges, among other things. When Bengt Johansson took over the company in 1957, Andrén Verken AB was formed.

The first subcontracted product that the company started to manufacture was a machine foot. This product actually still exists in our product range. Being careful and living a wholesome life is a good idea if you want to become a healthy, strong 100-year old. This is what we have done at Andrénverken for all these years. During this time, the economic situation has gone up and down many times, but our company culture has proved to be vibrant. We never give up, even if things can get arduous from time to time. The commitment among the employees gives us the strength to manage our tasks, even in a tough climate. We have never advocated short-term gains at Andrénverken. We choose to focus on quality of life, corporate quality and long customer relationships. This is what gives us and our customers the most satisfaction.

Our history gives us away

  • 2023 We turned 100 years old.
  • 2013 External CEO appointed.
  • 00-talInvestments: robotic welding cell, the first multi-operation machine, laser cutting machine.
  • 1998 Building extension, workshop premises, 12,300 m2.
  • 90-tal Collaboration with ABB starts. BT (Toyota) outsources all of its tool-related manufacturing to Andrénverken. Collaboration with Tetra Pak and Alfa Laval is initiated.
  • 1986 Anders Stensson takes over the company.
  • 80-tal The production of own products ceases, new strategy: 100% subcontracting company. New customers: Philips, Electrolux.
  • 1974 The factory building is totally destroyed by fire, moved to new workshop premises of 6,000 m2 the year after that.
  • 1963 New premises of 600 m2 and land of 25,000 m2.
  • 1959 The company is transformed into a limited company.
  • 1923 The company is founded by Andrén Johansson.
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Responsibility and participation

Sheet metal processing at Andrénverken is something very special. The production equipment can indeed be copied, but the company culture that makes all the difference does not allow itself to be easily imitated. Here, every employee is privy to our way of looking at the work, and is responsible for ensuring that each component we deliver is correctly designed and fulfils the requirements on quality.

We work in accordance with the Kaizen model, with continuous improvement through small modifications. We focus on continuous improvement, reduced wastage and minimising costs that do not add any value. Our success lies in our high level of efficiency, low amount of scrap, delivery reliability and motivated staff who seek solutions for improvements.

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