15:e June, 2015

Now our downtime is reduced to almost zero

With our new Toolcell press brake our production has become even more effective. Automatic tool changing means we can work with virtually no downtime, providing cost-effective manufacturing, right down to one-off production.

At the beginning of August 2015 we installed our latest investment which is part of our ongoing effort to provide efficient, world class sheet metal production.

Through automation, we increase the efficiency and flexibility of our production and have better opportunities to provide our customers with cost effective solutions. Our new 220-ton Toolcell is the perfect machine for the production of both short and long runs.

The machine automatically switches tools between jobs using the shoulders of the anvils. The construction is extremely cost effective since no robot is required. All tools are protected inside the machine and with the setup time minimized, the overall costs of efficient production are reduced.

With this technology we are also competitive in small runs, and even one-off production is possible. The Toolcell is equipped with laser angle measurement, which means that the first component will always be correct regardless of plate direction or variations in thickness, it saves both time and money. This is particularly important when handling expensive materials, e.g. stainless steel.

This investment means that Andrénverken retains pole position when it comes to advanced sheet metal with the highest quality for leading global customers in the manufacturing industry. Our supplier also certifies that we are right on time with this technology.

- “We are convinced that most machines sold in the coming years will have automatic tool changing, this is the future of sheet metal bending”, says Michael Sigvardsson, president of LVD Pullmax, responsible for the delivery of our new and effective press brake.



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