12:e December, 2014

Certification means the highest rating

There are qualified suppliers and there are certified suppliers. Andrénverken has become a certified supplier to Toyota BTE and therefore now belongs to the absolute elite amongst the company’s partners.

Since Toyota Industries acquired BT Products and formed Toyota Material Handling Europe, it has undergone a noticeable change, thanks to the cooperation with its suppliers. Toyota's famous recipe for success involves everyone who wants to deliver goods and services. With the goal of being number one in their markets, they work with carefully selected suppliers who can perform throughout the the entire lifecycle of their products.

Andrénverken in Smålandsstenar has been a certified supplier to BT Products AB, a division of Toyota Material Handling (TMHE), for many years. This means that the company has met the certification requirements in terms of parts and components for products for supply to the market. November 2013 marks a new milestone, becoming certified provider to TMHE's division BT Europe AB (BTE), responsible for servicing and spare parts for trucks 10 years after a model has ceased being mass produced.

Valuable verification

- This is very important for us in several ways, says Johan Bredenfeldt, CEO of Andrénverken.

- While certification will bring new volumes in our manufacturing, it also verifies that we have succeeded in reaching the high standards we set in our own operations.

- We are now involved in the long term planning of the aftermarket with BTE”, says Johan. “And being a complete supplier of highly technical production skills are an important part of our business.

Rigorous scoring

In TMHE's program for supplier certification, everything is assessed and scored; from product and delivery to quality of service and lead times. There is strong pressure to be classified as a qualified supplier, but only the very best can become certified. The certification shows that Andrénverken has achieved 90 out of 100 points in the assessment.

Well established position

Amongst the leading corporations in the Swedish manufacturing industry, Andrénverken already maintains a strong position as a supplier of sheet metal.

High standards are essential for us to operate as a supplier”, says Johan Bredenfeldt. “Our customers know what we stand for and what to expect in our cooperation. Our employees' personal involvement is a critical factor. All are well versed in the requirements and expectations for our deliveries. This, together with a rational and technically qualified production team means that we can handle even the most challenging assessments.

Andrénverken is a certified supplier to BTE and therefore there never needs to be a doubt about that we can meet the very highest demands as a supplier.

For further information, contact VD Johan Bredenfeldt, johan.bredenfeldt@andrenverken.se or sales manager Fredrik Stensson, fredrik.stensson@andrenverken.se.

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